April 25, 2017

Boy Did I Need the Money…

But not enough to compromise the integrity of my professional license.

I hear this a lot these days. Their amily.” I also read it a lot when reading about the history of organized crime. That is one of the most common excuses given by a criminal of that nature, that they needed to feed their family.

Hell, it was even orked into making Tony Soprano more worthy of our empathy.

Anyway, years ago, while I was still trying to figure out this business of mine, I needed money, and in a bad way. My son had been born, I lost the best contract I had with a client and my wife was just getting started making a decent living as a dentist. I needed money and I needed it in a bad way. So, to make a few bucks, given that I am a CPA



My trip to the UK ultimately was one of the coolest weeks of my life. A three hour trip took almost 7, but once I arrived, I was fine.

The moral of this story is, never assume that anyone who tells you that someplace is commutable from the airport is telling you the truth. 

Also, if you are going to England, don’t assume English is the spoken language. It is not. I don’t know what they speak, or if there is a dictionary to help you out, but you should be prepared to lower your expectations. Many of the people you will need will not be able to help you unless you speak their version of gibberish.




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