April 25, 2017

Cuban Food in Miami: A Review of Versailles Cuban Restaurant

No frills, authentic Cuban food in Miami, FL.

cuban food in miami I went to Miami for the first time recently. Being that there is a decent size Cuban population in Miami, I figured why not try to find a decent Cuban restaurant to eat at.

So, I asked around and got directed to a place called Versailles. Located at 3555 8th Street in SE Miami, Versailles is a no frills, family oriented eatery with a fine selection of authentic Cuban dishes on the menu.

First, whenever I go to an ethnic restaurant, one of the first things I look for is whether or not the same ethnic people eat there. I am Italian, so if you see me eating at an Italian restaurant it is likely that the food is pretty good. 


Anyway, there were plenty of Cubans at Versailles. In fact, by my estimation, there were more Cubans than not, which said to me that the food was pretty good. The wait was about 25 minutes. When we were called, we were escorted to the back of the dining room to an even bigger dining room. The place really doesn’t look that big from the outside, but trust me, it is huge.

First, just know, if you go, they do have English menu’s, but you may have to ask for one. The server came to our table to take our drink orders. I ordered a Mojito. While we waited for our drinks, someone else brought over a couple of baskets of bread.

IMG_9339The bread was like sliced Italian bread that was “toasted” with butter on the griddle.  Then we ordered. I got an avocado and onion salad and the other folks I was with ordered a few other appetizers.

One of them was some sort of fritter that was pretty good. As for my salad, I will say this. The avocado was first class, but the salad had no dressing of any kind. I didn’t notice if on the menu it said no dressing, or if the salad chef forgot to put it on.


Either way, I didn’t ask, and ate the avocado, because really, avocado plain is pretty good. For my main course I ordered Shrimp and some sort of garlic sauce. It came with white rice and fried plantains.

My wife ordered the Cuban version of pot roast and hers came with black rice and black beans with some fried plantains. Here’s the thing, both meals were actually pretty good, but I haven’t made up my mind if it is something I would want to eat again.

I think for me, when I am sacrificing atmosphere for food, ethnic or not, I really want the food to be first rate. This food was decent but given all the other variables, like that it was a mad house of sorts, I am not convinced it is worth a second trip.

IMG_9337I will say though that it is at least worth one trip if you are ever in that part of Miami. There are plenty of other menu items that looked fabulous in front of the people I was with. 

We didn’t eat desert so I can’t comment on it

Thanks Brian Tannebaum for the suggestion!

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