April 25, 2017

How Can Your Dental Blog Help You Dominate Local SEO?

7 Types of Blog Posts to Help Your Local SEO Rock.

dental marketing blog for local seo

To keep things simple, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is when your internet presence makes it easy for people looking for your services to find you instead of your competition.

I recently read a marketing pitch sent to one of my clients regarding her need to improve her SEO. 

The pitch wasn’t really good.  More importantly, the pitch was written using search data that was not localized.  What do I mean?

If 9000 people searched for a cosmetic dentist last month, that doesn’t mean 9000 people were searching for you or in your area. 

9000 is more likely to be the total number of searches in a particular month for the entire country if not the entire universe.


Because your next patient is more likely to reside in your local area vs the opposite coast, your job is to dominate for LOCAL search terms. 

So, if you are a cosmetic dentist in Boston, than your internet presence should be designed to attract people searching for the following:

  • Cosmetic Dentist Boston MA
  • Boston MA Teeth Whitening
  • Dental Implants in Boston MA

Adding Boston MA to your key search terms helps to get you to page one for a search in your area.

One of the absolute best ways to ensure that your practice is found by those people looking for your services, is to blog. 

More importantly, you need to design your blog to not only appeal to the “eyes” of search engines, but also to the eyes of your audience when they find you.  SEO is great but is only one component of an effective inbound marketing strategy.  People have to like what they see when they click on any links to your site.

Here are 7 blog post ideas that will help you dominate local search and help you build relationships with your current and future patients.

Write about each and every member of your staff.

Bloggin about your staff will do two things.  One, it will help people get to know the people that provide the patient experience.  Two, it will give you the ability to write localized content for a local audience.

Write about the philosophy of your practice.

I am almost embarrased to include this idea because of how obvious it appears.  Yet, I think it is important for you to understand that a Blog is not really only a place to express very technical and professional thoughts and ideas.  A Blog is a perfect vehicle for you to express yourself and the philosophy of your practice. 

You are your practice.  You set the tone for the staff and the patient experience.  Your philosophy needs to trickle down into your staff and feed into the experience that is provided to your patients.  Writing about it only solidifies it in your own mind as well as your staffs.  Current and future patients will appreciate it.

Write about a local business that you think everyone should know about.

Why do sites like Angies List thrive?  It is really easy.  We all want to know what others opinions are before we make a decision on a local service.  So, give your opinion of those organizations that you have had a positive experience with.  

Share your articles on your social media pages and let the local businesses you are complementing know you are letting everyone know about them. 

Avoid writing about bad experiences.  You want your blog to be a happy place. 

Write a post about something in dentistry that you are now reccommending to patients.  Nothing too technical or long.  Just a simple post informating patients about the product or procedure and your take on it.

Write about an upcomming community event that you have personal experience with.

I am not asking you to become a community newspaper or bulletin board.  I am asking you to write about the area you live in and the events that you think are awesome.  Doing so will give you an easy way to write localized content as well as share your experiences with your audience. 

Again, dentistry is personal.  Being more personal online will help you solidify current relationships and establish future ones.

Write about a community nonprofit that addresses a particular need of the community.

Nonprofits provide great service to our community.  There are certainly causes that you stand behind and may even support financial with donations.  Write informative articles about those organizations in your community that you believe do awesome work but do so quietly and without a ton of recognition.

Write a restaurant review for one of your favorite eateries.

Again, not asking you to become Yelp.  Just encouraging you to share your perspective with people in your area.

Highlight a patient transformation.

If you get prior approval from the patient (HIPAA) as well a few images to highlight how you transformed their smile, you will not only have some really good local SEO content, you will have an absolute killer relationship builder.

Future patients want to learn more about your work and see results from reading reviews and seeing images of success.  Use this to your advantage and where appropriate draft a post telling the story behind one of your more recent cases.  Again, patient approval a must as well as compliance with your states HIPAA.

If you have any questions about how to market your dental practice using an internet blog, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at vmessina@otimollc.com.




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