April 25, 2017

Mind Shift: The Business Development Dilemma for CPA Firms

How do you turn CPA’s into Rainmakers?business development for CPA firms

Going back to my days practing accounting at a CPA firm, I remember that, like in every professional services firm, you had the rainmakers and the workers. The rainmakers were those CPA’s who had the skills to interact with people and bring in new clients. They had the gift of gab, or just had a likeable personalty.

The workers generally were great accountants but had little interest in interacting with prospective clients or just didnt have the skills to do so. These people were either too shy or too grumpy to put in front of prospective clients. They were likely stuck in a corner office, with the lights turned down low, cranking out tax returns or checking audit papers.

Unfortunately, the task of business development always seemed to fall onto the shoulders of a few, leaving the firm falling short in their goals to grow organically. Additionally, rainmakers were ususally on the fast track to partnership or leadership position in the firms, leaving the worker bees a bit frustrated with their own lack of upward mobility.

What if there was a different way of looking at the whole rainmaker concept? What if there was a way to 

It seems that things havent changed much. Firms still struggle to create a culture where business development is embraced and strived for. Some firms even go so far as to send their up and comers to leadership programs like The Rainmaker Academy.

The Reality

Quote Kurlan

Round Peg Square Hole

What if you viewed business development as more than one thing. What if there were more than one way to be a rainmaker, or to contribute to a system of business development?


Why do you need to put all these tactics together?

Throughout this entire piece, I have tried to make it obvious to you why all these tactics are important. I have also tried to imply how each is connected.

When you specialize, your content becomes more useful to your target audience. It is much easier to become visible as an expert in your field.

Once you establish your presence in your niche, you will find that you will rank higher in search engines and you will be much more able to engage people on social media.

All of these things, if done well and done consistently, almost guarantees you a place at the front of the line when people are looking for an accountant. The rest will be up to how well you handle the calls that come in.



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