April 25, 2017

Quick Tip: Use Context to Make Your Content More Useful for Your Audience

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Quick Tip

Add context to your content to make sure that your audience finds your content relevant and useful.

I recently wrote an article “CPA Websites: How to Use Your Website to Lower Your Total Cost of Sales”. In the article, I gave a few actionable tips that apply to professionals of all types, who actively blog and create/publish content. One of the tips was to provide more context in your content, specifically, a blog article.

Having a targetd niche audience makes it easier to add context. But generalists can add context as well.

In music, if content is a musical scale, context is the harmonic environment that makes the scale useful. As an example, if you are a Real Estate Lawyer and you are writing an article about about how to sell your home, context might be the state you are selling it in. 

The point is that generic content is not as powerful as contextualized content. Your reader needs to identify with your content in order for the content to have meaning. Context is what helps your content be more meaningful.

If you are creating content properly, in most cases, you are writing to a person, not a group of people. Think of that person’s story, or situation, and add context to your content that they will identify with, based on their particular situation.

Your content will be fare more relevant with your target audience! 

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