April 25, 2017

Should Video Marketing Be Treated As A Separate Marketing Strategy?

Video Marketing is the salt that makes your other marketing taste better.

video marketing strategy

I don’t think anyone would disagree that organizations of all sizes, businesses and/or nonprofits, should be able to tell their story using on-line video assets. The obvious popularity of sites like Youtube and Vimeo, plus the success of private video hosting companies like Wistia, implies that we all like to gather information via web video content.

It makes sense then to ask the question, “what should my video marketing strategy be?”

Surprisingly, video hosting company Wistia, doesn’t have a video marketing strategy.  Ezra Fishman, Director of Marketing at Wistia, answered the question, “hey Wistia, What’s your video marketing strategy?” as follows:

“…we don’t have one, and we don’t think you should either!

What????  Wistia’s sole purpose in life is to promote the use of on-line video in sales, marketing, training…plus.  Ezra goes on the make, in my opinion, the most important point of the article…

“The problem with trying to establish a strategy for video marketing is that it’s way too easy to start treating video as a very isolated set of assets with narrow goals.” 

So what can we learn from the video marketing experts at Wistia as it pertains to using video to enhance your overall marketing strategy?


You are not in the business of video creation.  You should not create video’s for sole purpose of being viewed and shared.  Your video assets should be used to help you achieve your overall objectives.   Viewing and sharing are a means to an end.  The end is established by the goal you want to achieve.

For example, let’s say you are trying to encourage donation for a cause. Your goal should be to design a video that encourages your audience to make a donation.  Your video then needs to be embedded in a marketing strategy designed to reach a particular audience AND encourage donations. 

If your video is watched a million times, and no one makes a donation, your marketing campaign failed.  The popularity, and assumed high quality of the video piece, was not relevant.


Your video should be created and delivered to an audience that is most likely to want to work with you. You must:

  • Create the video asset with your audience in mind
  • Deliver the video asset through the channel that most accurately represents where and how your audience wants to view it

For example, if you chose email, then the email needs to reflect your audience. You should determine that:

  • A – You can reach your audience via email
  • B – Your audience wants to be reached via email

When you create the email campaign, the subject line and body message must be written to attract attention and encourage the action you desire from your audience. The video only enhances the overall email marketing campaign.  If you focus only on the video, the email might be neglected, and your campaign will fail.


Great image from Wistia representing an
integrated approach to Video Marketing.

video marketing strategy from wistia


Key Takeaways

  • Use video as a complement to your overall marketing strategy.
  • Before you create your video’s, make sure that the audience you are trying to reach prefers to be reached with video assets.
  • Create video’s that encourage the action you desire from the audience you have determine is most likely wanting to work with you.
  • Don’t get excited about the vanity metrics of your video.  Views and shares are irrelevant if you don’t meet the objective you set out to achieve.

Small organizations don’t have the money to waste creating video’s just for the sake of creating videos.  You must focus your efforts and create video’s that are specifically designed to help you achieve your objectives.





Thanks for reading the article.  I hope you found it useful.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at vmessina@otimollc.com.

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