April 25, 2017

2 things to consider before you decide to use Radio Advertising.

Small businesses need to design and execute a sales and marketing strategy that is cost effective.  Advertising is an essential component of any marketing strategy.  So where should you advertise your business?

It certainly can be overwhelming to make the right decisions or rely on an agency to decide for you.  Trial and error, using solid techniques to focus your efforts and measure the results, is critical no matter the media channel.  Radio is no different.  If you have already decided to use radio advertising or you are undecided, there are a 2 things that are critical to your success.

  1. The combined reach and frequency of your message.

  2. What you say in your message.


how does radio advertising work


Combined reach and frequency of your message.

  • From Radio Advertising Facts, “Research shows that your prospect has to hear or see your message more than 3 times before they will act on it.” If you are actively using a radio advertising program or are considering the merit of adding radio advertising to your mix, make sure you invest in a package that will produce results.  If you spend too little thinking that a small amount is better than nothing at all, you are mistaken.

  • Instead of buying a 6 month plan with 30 commercials a month or one per day, purchase a 2 month plan and receive the same number of commercials but 3 times per day.  The latter plan will produce better results because the message will be heard more frequently.

  • Determine if the radio station has other ways to present your message.  Radio Facebook pages, websites and email marketing campaigns are a great way to enhance the frequency of your promotion.

What you say in your message.

  • Contrary to poplular opinion, a good radio commercial does not have to be a hollywood production.  Focusing on the basics will produce the best results.

      • Use your voice.  People buy from people.  A radio commercial is a great vehicle to present your voice to the community.

      • Demonstrate your difference.  Make sure your commercial tells listeners why they should be buying from you vs the competition.  Focus your message on the things that make you unique OR the things that everyone in your business does but isn’t talking about.  You will stand out from the rest.

  • Design more than one commercial using different messaging and measure which one produces the best results.  Don’t restrict yourself by locking into one commercial type unless you already know what produces the best results.  Experiment with different messages until you arrive at the one that works best.  In most cases, different messages are going to work for different customers making it essential that you stick with the variety over the long term. 

  • Make sure that you run one ad type at a time over a defined period and then switch to another ad.  If you run too many ads over the same period of time you will diminish the frequency of your message resulting in poor results.

At the end of the day, radio advertising does work.  In many cases, it works better than any other medium because of the ability to use sound to connect with your audience.  Work with the Radio Station personell but don’t let them tell you what works best.  Make sure you customize your program to obtain the maximum reach and frequency delivering the message that will produce your desired results.

Mobile calls to action are starting to show up more and more at the end of radio commercials.  We are offering a free Mobile Marketing trial that will help you test a good mobile call to action in your next advertising campaign.





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