April 25, 2017

Dental Marketing and the Danger of Conflict Avoidance

Why is Dental Marketing and Conflict Avoidance Such a Bad Match?

dental marketing staff turnover


Effective dental marketing starts with you and your staffs ability to provide an experience to your patients, peers and community, that has people raving about your practice. To function at peak performance, morale, yours and your staffs, needs to be high.

When members of your dental practice staff leave, depending on the reason for them quitting, your dental practice marketing plan could be under performing due to a lack of morale.


Why do we run away from conflict?


How does it impact staff morale?



When considering the environmental factors that lead to people wanting to quit, you should consider those things that pull them away, outside events that you have no control over, and those things that push them away, or internal events that you can control. The pull factors are not worth worrying about.

But the push factors, and solutions, should be on your radar.

  • As a leader, your job is a difficult one. You are not only the CEO, but you are also the person doing the work. This is not a common blending of responsibilities that other CEO’s have to deal with. That said, when you say you are going to do something, do it.
  • Good leadership starts with you, but doesn’t end with you. If a new dental assistant is hired, you need to make it clear to your team, that you expect the new hire to be properly mentored and coached. Naturally, if you are already providing effective leadership, your current staff will already be waiting and willing to help the next person hired for the job.
  • Empower your team to do the job. If you have an office manager, give them the power and authority to make choices and confront problems. Yes, it is your practice, but it is also theirs. If you trust them, they will trust you. If they are empowered to get the job done, you can focus on doing the things you need to do in order to grow your practice.
  • When conflict arises, deal with it. Do not put it off. There are a number of reasons for this. Two, however, are critical. When conflicts go unresolved, conflict remains. With the presence of conflict also, and in most cases, the presence of low morale. Two, your staff is looking at you for leadership. If they sense weakness, they will not respect you as a leader. Where there is the presence of a lack of respect, there is also, and in most cases, low morale.
  • Dental practices are like navy seal teams. They are a small group of specialists assigned to do achieve a mission. When on team member fails, they all fail. So, do make sure you keep tabs on the bad apples. If one team member is causing too much conflict, you must intervene and either adjust their attitude or get rid of them.
  • Small pay or any pay increases might make you question my assertion that money is not the issue. Don’t fret. This is not about the money. It is about being appreciated. When you fail to give a bonus, or an annual increase of pay, without being asked, you send a clear message to your staff. YOU DON”T APPRECIATE THEM
  • Sexual Harassment…don’t do it. 
  • When you hire someone, make sure you are hiring the right person, for the job you tell them they will be doing. Nothing is worse for you or for them than hiring them for a job they can’t do, or for a job they were not aware they were going to have to do.


A great way to have your staff feel more like a member of you team, is to let them blog, on your blog, about things that matter to your patients and to the community at large.




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