April 25, 2017

Dental Marketing: What Do Patients Want From Their Dentist?

Your patients do care about their experience at your office.

why do people choose their dentist


I recently read an article about what patients expect or want from their dentist. A dentist who owns a large number of dental practices, conducted a survey to find out what his patients really want in their dentist. The research sumarized in the article is revealing in that much of what a patient or prospective patient looks for has little to do with external marketing and promotion, and everything to do with the experience they have at the dentists office.


The dentist who conducted the research did so over a number of practices, including over 16,000 patients. What is not known is the nature of the practices, the types of services offered and the types of patients served. When reading the conclusions, it is important to make sure you consider the findings only in light of how you practice dentistry, where you practice, and the makeup of your patient base.

That said, 

Prompt New Patient Appointment

Warm and Friendly Staff

Cleanlienss of the Office

Modern Facility

Post Operative Phone Calls

Postoperative Instructions

Personal Hygien of the doctor and staff

Quality of the smiles of the doctors and staff

Being on Time

Convenient Practice Hours

Good Location

Treat plans and finance options








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