April 25, 2017

Facebook for Your Dental Practice: Personal vs. Professional Pages

Should you mix your practice page with your personal page?

using google + for professional services providers

Facebook allows you to have both a personal page and a page for your practice. The question of whether to mix the two is really important. You shouldn’t dismiss the question entirely and either indiscriminantly mix the two, OR, completely dismiss the key functions of both types of pages, that assist in helping you grow your practice.

Who is this article written for?

This article is a meant to be a useful resource for dental professionals professionals who want to use Facebook to help their pracfice grow, but want to do so without violating the social etiquette of a Facebook personal page.

Reading this article will help you:

  • Answer the question, “Should you mix your practice page with your personal page?”
  • Understand some unique ways to use Facebook to grow your practice.



Should you mix personal FB with your business page?

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