April 25, 2017

How Radio Advertising Works | It is not only a question of cost.

We recently formed a partnership with a local radio station – WMRC in Milford MA…1490 on the AM dial. Since the beggining of our relationship we have learned that the best way to analyze how radio advertising works for your business is to examine variables beyond the cost of the advertising.


The original focus of our partnership was helping WMRC and WMRC clients realize the benefit of mobile marketing.  We continue this pursuit.   However, the more we engaged with the businesses in WMRC’s area, the more we realized how important local radio can be to a local business.  Why?  Very simple.  The power of Community alignment for local businesses. 


Local radio is a great way if not the BEST way to align your business with a community event, organization or message.  It achieves two very important and critical goals of a local business:

  1. Build community awareness of your business.

  2. Develop a positive brand by aligning your business with the things that matter most to those that live in your community.

What could be more powerful?  Marketing, no matter the form, because of the amount of information we are forced to consume every day, has never been more challenging.   Reaching your audience requires more than just delivering your message.   No matter your involvement with local radio, if you are running a local business you should seriously consider engaging your community.  Local radio, in our opinion, is the most effective way to do so.

If you want to advertise a small business in Milford MA and surrounding towns consider working with WMRC to help spread the word about your business.



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