April 25, 2017

Is Good Dental Marketing When You Maximize Profit?

Good profit is a sign of intelligence.

when bad dentistry is labled good dental marketing

I have encountered both from my past experience as a dental CPA and my newest role as a dental marketing consultant, a few dental professionals who believe that good dental marketing is pushing expensive procedures on patients when less expensive procedures would suffice.

Or how bout the Harvard MBA that starts a dental practice management company and demands unhealthy levels of production from the dentists that work for them?

Even better, how about the dental practice owner that forces and associate to cover 4 hygienist at a time…alone?

Don’t get me wrong.  I belive in making a profit.  What I don’t believe in is making a profit at the expense of providing good dental care.

Good dental marketing occurs when the real needs of your patients overlaps with the business goals of your practice.

It is actually very easy to up sell an uninformed patient on the merit or necessity of a crown vs a filing.  It takes more skill and intelligence to develop a high level of production by providing first class dental care. 

It is equally simple to rush through a procedure because you have productivity goals driving you like a ford assembly line.

I cannot tell you that bad dentists not build trust with patients by pushing the envelop with them.  Sadly, people trust that even the worst dentists have the patients interest at heart.  They will get referrals.  They will have a thriving practice.

So why am I writing this article?

I want you, the good dentist, to keep an eye out for and be able to recognize bad dental marketing when it crosses your path.  You will likely engage these peers of yours at conferences or lectures and most likely have to sit and listen to how awesome their practice is doing. 

Whatever you do, take a step back and examine your personal goals both as a dentist and as a business. 

Here a few signs that a dentist may be profiting from bad dentistry:

  • They have a big billboard on a major highway and are convinced that it is helping them grow their practice.
  • They have TV commercials and love to talk about them.
  • They drive really expensive sports cars.
  • They can’t wait to tell you how much revenue their practice grossed last year.
  • They can’t wait to lecture people about effective marketing strategies.
  • They don’t have a dental practice blog but still believe they are practicing good SEO.

If you encounter a dental professional who exhibits any one of these signs, it is not a guarantee that they practice bad dentistry, but it is a huge red flag that they do.

Whatever you do, don’t try to copy them by taking out a billboard of your own.  Feel sorry for them instead for they know not what they do.

Feel free to contact me directly at vmessina@otimollc.com if you have any questions or would like to learn more about marketing your dental practice. 




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