April 25, 2017

Is Your Dental Marketing Making You Look Unoriginal?

Standing out in the crowd is the easiest way to get notice.

is your dental marketing making you look unoriginal

Why do assembly lines or cookie cutters work?  They work because templates make it easy to mass produce something.  For the person doing the production, the total cost to produce goes way down and their profit goes way up.

When do assembly lines and cookie cutters make real good sense?  When nobody cares that the final product isn’t unique.

So when do assembly lines and cookie cutters not make sense?  When the strategy is being used to market your dental practice.

John Jansch of Duct Tape Marketing writes both in his blog and in his books that one of the secrets to mastering a marketing system for your business is to be different.  Be original.  Stand out in order to get noticed. 

So why would you settle for a marketing consultant who clearly believes in the assembly line, cookie cutter approach?

What?  Marketing consultants use a cookie cutter approach to marketing your practice?  Yes they do…well at least some do.  You want to fire them if they are currently working for you and stay away from them if you come across them. 

How do you recognize them?

Easy and simple.  Go to a few of their clients.  If anything about you looks anything at all like the rest of their clients, you have a very big problem.  They are making their clients unoriginal.

Instead of being the Ferrari that you killed yourself in dental school to be, a marketing consultant is turning you into a Model T.

Model T’s are awesome particularly for the company that made them.  But your services are better than that.  If they are not, then you need to work on making them better.  How?  By bringing as much of yourself to your practice and your practice marketing. 

Don’t let anyone sell you a template.  For one, templates don’t really work well when marketing a professional service business.  For another, even if they worked OK, they wouldn’t work well enough for you.  Why?  Because you are not unoriginal. 

Your goal in marketing your dental practice should be to bring as much originality as possible so that people can see what separates you from the rest.  Your patients have options.  Don’t make it easy for them to chose your competition.  Be original.








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