April 25, 2017

Restaurant Goers Love SMS Software Alerts

Upwards of 95% of delievered text messages get opened!



My wife and I went to a great Irish Pub and had the St. Patricks Day standard Corned Beef and Cabbage.   I must say, it was really really good. I noticed this SMS Text campaign, a great example of mobile marketing gone bad:

celtictavern resized 600

I participated in their SMS Texting campaign and texted Celtic to 38681 about an hour ago.  I am still waiting for something to happen!! (I am not sure that the technology provider is still around.)

This restaurant is missing out on a great opportunity to send a welcome message or a “thanks for joing our mobile club” message.  Additionally, in my humble opinion, a link to a mobile site for those patrons that have a smart phone would have been nice.   Sadly, this sign should have been taken down becaus the mobile alert system is not functioning.  Too bad.  I would definitely have gone back if I were alerted to their awesome offerings.

Food for thought:

  1. SMS Text campaigns should be interactive and should WORK!  If I am texting in as a customer than I am also a fan.  As a fan I would like to be engaged. SMS Texting can be a very effective marketing strategy.

  2. Somewhere in this process I should have been told how to Opt-Out but it really didnt matter in this case.  Nothing worked at all.  SMS, when done properly is a true Opt-In for of marketing.  The open rates are a result of your audience WANTING your messaging.

  3. There is a great opportunity for local businesses to adopt a Mobile Marketing program.  Hire a consultant.  It is more important to do it right than to just do it.  SMS Marketing is easy to execute but not so easy to design.  Working with a consultant will ensure your maximize your results without alienating your audience.

Unrelated, the food was AWESOME!!!! The service was SPECTACULAR!!! Would love to know more about the happenings at this Irish Pub. I hope they give SMS Texting another try.

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