April 25, 2017

Treat Search Engines as if They Are People Referring You to Others

“Hey do you know anyone that can help me…”


How do referrals typically happen?

A very typical referral scene happens at a party or a gathering of some sort. One person says to you, “Hey, I really need help with my roof. Do you know anyone?” You say, “Sure, I used a guy last year that did a great job. Really knew his stuff, and wasn’t too expensive.” 

If you are asked for a referral, you going to think back on your experience with possible solution providers, and you are going to give your friend the best option. Why? Because you want your friend to get the help they need, and you want to look good.

The person asking for the referral will most likely go to the roofers website and check them out. If they like what they find, they will make contact and ask for a consultation.

How are search engines like the people who provide you as a referral?

Search engines function just like the person doing the referring. The internet is the “party”. The person conducting the search is the party asking for a referral. The search engine is the one providing the referral. 

When someone enters a search, much like someone asking you for a roofer, they are looking for a solution to a problem, or an answer to a question.

Just like you, search engines scan possible web pages for the absolute best solution or answer, and puts those pages on page one of the search rankings. Why? because search engines want the people using the service to find the solutions and answers they need, and the search engines want to look good.

Now, just like a referral, the referral alone isn’t enough. Page one is great, but will likely only result in further investigation. When someone clicks on your link, provided you have done what you can to get to page one, your website has to great them with exactly what they want, of the “referral’ from the search rankings will be for nothing.

How do you get the “referral?

How do you go about getting referrals from people that attend gatherings? You make sure that you are the absolute best option on the minds of people who could possibly refer you. When the topic comes up, you are the one recommended.

Is that different than doing what it takes to get “referred” by search engines? No it is not. You have to make search engines aware that you are the best option so that when people search for something related to your business, search engines feel good about putting you on page one.

Internet marketing is a tough subject to master, but a critical one if you want to be successful. I welcome the opportunity to discuss your situation or ideas. Feel free to contact me directly at vmessina@otimollc.com.






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