April 25, 2017

When Comments on Lawyer Blawgs Go Bad

Stolen Content and the Comments Heard Round the World

As part of the Gary Ostrow saga, I discovered via a link in Scott’s blog, an article written about Carl David Cedar. In December of 2013, Scott wrote this post about Carl’s apparent theft of internet content from some of Scott’s lawyer friends.

In January, Carl, tragically, weighed in.  Here is the first of many comments to come from Carl.

Then he wrote what he thought was a private rant to one of the lawyers he was stealing from…and naturally…the entire rant was posted.

Then Scott writes a post in January titled, “Carl David Cedar Triples Down”.

And Carl weighs in.

Then, a little later that month, Carl makes to me what amounts to his biggest mistake. He actually threatens a highly successful criminal defense lawyer with a defamation suit.

So now, when you search “Carl David Cedar” on Google, you actually get Scotts posts on page one of the search results. And to add insult to injury, the Popehat article is right there just beneath Scott’s on page one. 

So what do you learn from these two examples. Ill tell you what I learned:

  • Don’t steal content from Scott Greenfields buddies
  • If you do, own up to it before Scott is inspired to write a post about you
  • If Scott writes a post about something you did wrong, take ownership of it. If you don’t it will inspire him to write more
  • Don’t ever anger someone who has a stronger web presence than you do, because his mockery will show up whenever someone searches for you online

Seriously though, lawyers, more than any professionals I have seen, are ruthless to their peers when their peers don’t have a firm grasp on the business of law, in particular, marketing for law firms.

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